GRID daybed & Sofa

“GRID is a piece for everyday life with a modular seat that can be composed differently to ensure comfort and that can be adapt to small or vast rooms as well as the sitter.”

In 2015 POOL signed the GRID daybed. In 2016 POOL develop the concept and bring GRID in an all too modular system, by creating basic modules – simple armchairs, corner armchairs, stool, and coffee table joining the range – a two seats sofa. They can all be attached by simple fixations in order to create many configurations: 3 seats sofa, corner sofa, confident…

materials: Leather and textile with the KVADRAT selection
4 colour choices within the KVADRAT collection – Steelcut Trio 2
5 colours choices for the semi-circular cushion associated with 5 other colours choices for the headrest.
Manufactured by PETITE FRITURE

©Petite Friture