Walk The Line

Walk the line

17-26 October 2014 – Broel School

“As sure as night is dark and day is light”, shadows become volumes and strokes become planes.A presentation of our work around metal.

Trait & cercle, suspension light
selfproduction, black painted metal, d°: 233xh84cm

Trophée, vase
selfproduction, hammered black painted metal base & painted metal void, d°: 35xh41cm

Maillet, table lamp
selfproduction, hammered copper & black painted metal, d°: 35x20xh50cm

Contrepoids, tables
selfproduction, hammered metal in black painting, brass sphere, d°: dia 80xh55cm

Circle, armchair
Gallery S.Bensimon, Paris, painted metal in black, white, blue, turquoise, grey, d° : 74x59xh89cm

Exhibition with the supports of ATELIER François Pouenat & Gallery S.Bensimon, Paris